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Advisory Board

Stephen CHAN
  • 45 years of logistics and SCM experience
  • Was CEO of the MSAS South and East Asia, and Deputy Chairman of MSAS-Exel Asia
  • Specialties include: multi-party e-logistics, supply chain IT; M&A/ integration and entrepreneurial management.
Board Member
  • 35 years of experiences in logistics, SCM and Consultancy.
  • Held a number of other non-executive positions including Director at Environmental Resources Management Limited and Target Worldwide Express.; a Director of Springboard an AIM listed venture capital investment company and has also provided consultancy services over several years to the senior investment management of 3i plc.
  • Was CEO of Walsh International (1991 to 1999), and Chief Executive of MSAS Cargo International (1976 to 1990).
Vivek SOOD
Board Member
  • 20 years of professional management consultancy experience, reputed expert in SCM.
  • 11 years operational experience from cadet to captain in merchant navy.
  • Award winning author about Supply Chain Management
  • Co-founder of Global Supply Chain Group, a high-impact services company specialize in profitable business transformations using Supply Chain Management 3.0 to create leverage and impetus for change.
  • Specialties include: Practical Business Strategies advisory and SCM consultancy
Stephen PH CHAN
Board Member
  • 35 years of airline and freight management experience
  • Head of Hong Kong and China, Cathay Pacific Airways, Regional Director, East Asia, MSAS
  • Specialties include carrier management, Hong Kong market
Board Member
  • 30 years of experience in management, operations management and process/product engineering in the U.S., Mexico and Europe
  • Founder of Kilzer & Associates and Consultleague LLC
  • Specialties include SCM solution, project management.